Apps actions


Start Guided Access

Guided Access keeps your iOS device in a single app. Set up Guided Access in Settings


Set Voice Control

Voice Control allows you to use your voice to control your iOS device.


Set Increase Contrast

Increase color contrast between app foreground and background colors


Set AssistiveTouch

AssistiveTouch allows you to use your iPhone if you have difficulty touching the screen or if you require an adaptive accessory.


Set Smart Invert

Reverses the colors of the display except for images, media and some apps that use dark color styles.


Set Reduce Motion

Reduce the motion of the user interface, including the parallax effect of icons.


Set Audio Descriptions

Automatically play audio descriptions. Audio Descriptions can also be enabled under Accessibility in the Settings app.


Open Magnifier

Magnifier lets you use your deviceโ€™s camera to magnify your surroundings


Set Sound Recognition

Sound Recognition will continuously listen for certain sounds, and using on-device machine learning, attempt to notify you when sounds may be recognized. Sound Recognition can also be enabled under Accessibility in the Settings app.


Add Recognized Sound

Configure Sound Recognition to attempt to notify you for certain sounds. Sounds can also be configured under Accessibility in the Settings app.


Get Stock Quote

Gets the stock quote of the given stock. Stock information provided by Yahoo!


Get Details of Stocks

Gets a specific piece of information from the stocks passed into the action.

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