Document actions


Create Note

Shares the input with Notes using the standard Notes share extension.


Find Notes

Searches for the notes in your library that match the given criteria. Sort by Optionally, what to sort the notes by. Order The order to sort the notes in. Limit Whether or not to limit the number of notes retrieved.


Append to Note

Appends the text passed as input to the specified note. Note The note to append to


Show Note

Opens the note passed in as input.


Show Notes Folder

Get quick access to one of your Notes folders.


Scan QR/Bar Code

Scans a QR code or bar code using the camera, and returns the text/URL that is found.


Generate QR Code

Generates a QR code from the input text.


Show Result

Shows the specified text in Siri or in an alert.


Quick Look

Displays a preview of the input.



Prints the input using AirPrint.