File storage actions


Move File

Moves the specified file to a new location.


Get File from Folder

Gets a file or folder by a relative path, starting at a folder you choose. Path The relative path to retrieve, such as โ€œfolder/file.txtโ€


Get Contents of Folder

This action gets the files inside of the specified folder. Recursive If this option is enabled, this action will get all the files inside of a folder, including its subfolders.


Save File

Save files to iCloud Drive. Turn off โ€œAsk Where to Saveโ€ in order to specify a destination path in the Shortcuts folder.


Append to File

Adds the text passed as input to the end of the specified file. Requires the name or path of the file to retrieve. For example, if you are appending a file called โ€œnotes.txtโ€ in a folder called โ€œPublicโ€, use โ€œ/Public/notes.txtโ€.