Documents actions


Get Group from Matched Text

Gets the text that matched a particular capture group or all of the capture groups from the output of a Match Text action.


Filter Files

Given a list of files, this action returns the files that match the given criteria. Allows for sorting, changing the order, and limiting the number passed as a result.


Get Details of Files

Extracts information from the file, including file size, file extension, creation date, last modified date, and name.


Open In...

Opens the input as file in the selected app. Can either use the Open In menu or have a supported app selected to open into automatically โ€“ toggle โ€œShow Open In Menuโ€ off and select Choose to see the list of available apps on your device.


Save File

Save files to iCloud Drive. Turn off โ€œAsk Where to Saveโ€ in order to specify a destination path in the Shortcuts folder.


Append to File

Adds the text passed as input to the end of the specified file. Requires the name or path of the file to retrieve. For example, if you are appending a file called โ€œnotes.txtโ€ in a folder called โ€œPublicโ€, use โ€œ/Public/notes.txtโ€.


Extract Archive

Extracts files from the archive passed as input. Many archive formats are supported, including zip, rar, tar.gz, tar.bz2, tar, gzip, cpio, cab, and iso archives.

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