Location actions


Street Address

Passes the specified address to the next action.


Get Details of Locations

Allows you to extract information from a location passed as input, including the latitude, longitude, altitude, street, city, state, ZIP code, country, phone number, URL, and name of a location.


Get Addresses from Input

Returns any street addresses found in the output from the previous action.


Show Weather

Shows and gets the current weather for the specified location.


Get Weather Forecast

Gets an hourly or daily weather forecast at the specified location.


Get Current Weather

Gets the current weather conditions at the specified location.


Get Details of Weather Conditions

Gets a specific piece of information from the weather conditions passed into the action.


Search Local Businesses

Searches for nearby businesses and returns them as results. Pass a location as input to search near there.


Get Halfway Point

Gets the halfway point between two locations.


Get Distance

Calculates the distance to the location passed into this action.