Media actions


Search iTunes Store

Searches the iTunes Store, returning the items that match the specified search terms. You can get more details about the results using the Get Details of iTunes Product action.


Get Details of iTunes Artist

Extracts information about the creator of an iTunes product, including the genre, type, store ID, store URL, artwork, artwork URL, and name.


Get Details of iTunes Product

Extracts information from an iTunes product, including artist, price, currency code formatted price, release date, genre, duration, whether it's streamable, whether it's explicit, the description, the store ID, the story URL, the artwork, the artwork URL, and the name. Works for music, movies, podcasts, music videos, audiobooks, short films, TV shows, and iBooks (you may have to guess which named field is right depending on the type).


Get Images from Input

Gets images from the result of the previous action. For example, this action can get the album art of a song, or all the images on a web page.


Convert Image

Converts the images passed into the action to the specified image format.


Encode Media

Re-encodes the media passed as input at the specified size, optionally converting to audio. Includes option to change speed or add metadata to the file.


Mask Image

Applies a mask to each image passed into the action. For example, you can cut images into a rounded rectangle, ellipse or icon shape, or provide a custom alpha mask.

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