Media actions


Crop Image

Crops images to a smaller rectangle.


Get Frames from Image

Splits an animated GIF or a photo burst into individual frames.


Make GIF

Creates an animated GIF from the images or video passed into the action.


Add Frame to GIF

Adds an image to the existing animated GIF passed as input. If no GIF is passed as input, a new animated GIF is created.


Take Video

Uses the camera to take a video clip, with the option to use the front or back camera, or change the quality between low, medium, and high.


Shazam It

Uses the microphone to listen to and identify nearby media. Media identification provided by Shazam:


Search App Store

Searches the App Store, returning the apps that match the specified search terms. Search by name, product ID, or developer name across the iPhone, iPad, and Mac app stores


Get Details of App Store App

Extracts information about an App Store app, including artist, price, currency code, formatted price, release date, category, description, the overall rating, the total number of ratings, the current rating, the number of ratings for this version, the version, the date it was last updated, the latest release notes, the content rating, the minimum OS version, whether it’s a universal app, the supported devices, supported languages, screenshot URLs, iPad screenshot URLs, download size, store ID, store URL, artwork, artwork URL, name, & more.

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