Photos actions


Remove from Photo Album

Removes the photos or videos passed as input from the specified photo album.


Get Last Import

Gets the most recent photo import from the Photos app.


Find Photos

Searches for the photos in your library that match the given criteria. Allows for sorting, changing the order, and limiting the number passed as a result.


Save to Photo Album

Adds the photos and video passed as input to the specified photo album. This action is required if you want images, photos, or videos in Shortcuts to be saved into the Photos app.

Delete Photos

Deletes the photos passed as input from the device's photo library. This action asks for confirmation before performing the deletion.


Get Latest Bursts

Gets the most recent burst photos from the camera roll.


Get Latest Videos

Gets the most recent videos from the camera roll.


Get Latest Screenshots

Gets the most recent screenshots from the camera roll.


Select Photos

Prompts to choose photos and videos from your photo library.


Get Latest Live Photos

Gets the most recent Live Photos from the camera roll.