Scripting actions


Get Current IP Address

Returns the local or external IP address of the device.


Set Wi-Fi

Sets the device’s Wi-Fi to on or off.


Set Cellular Data

Sets the device’s Cellular Data to on or off.


Set Airplane Mode

Sets the device’s Airplane Mode to on or off.


Get Network Details

Gets information about the currently connected networks.



This action does nothing and produces no output. It is useful to separate blocks of actions, or to ensure that no input is passed to the next action.



This action lets you explain how part of a shortcut works. When run, this action does nothing.


Ask for Input

Prompts the user to enter a piece of information.


Show Alert

Displays an alert with a title, a message, and two buttons. If the user selects the OK button, the shortcut continues. The cancel button stops the shortcut.


Show Notification

Displays a local notification.