Web actions


Get Items from RSS Feed

Downloads the latest items from an RSS feed.


Get RSS Feeds from Page

Extracts any RSS feed URLs from the given web URLs or web page.


Open Links

Opens URLs passed into the action in Safari (or the corresponding app if itโ€™s a deep link).


Show Web Page

Shows the web URL passed into he action in a Safari View Controller, allowing you to view the web page without switching apps. Includes a toggle to enter Safari Reader mode if itโ€™s available for the given web page.


Run Javascript on Web Page

Runs JavaScript on a Safari web page passed as input. Only available when running your shortcut as an Action Extension from Safari.


Get Details of Safari Web Page

Gets a specific piece of information from the safari web pages passed into the action, including page contents, page selection, page URL, and name.


Expand URL

This action expands and cleans up URLs which have been shortened using a URL shortening service like t.co or bit.ly. The expanded URL is cleaned, removing unnecessary parameters such as "utm_source".


Get Component of URL

Gets the specified part of the URL passed into the action. URLs are structured as follows: scheme://user:[email protected]:port/path?query#fragment.


Get URLs from Input

Returns any links found in the output from the previous action.


Get Contents of URL

Gets the contents of URLs passed into the action. Useful for downloading files and web content, or for making API requests. Includes GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, DELETE methods, and options to add headers. To make a multipart HTTP request, choose "Form" as the request body type and add files as field values.


Get Article using Safari Reader

Gets article details, including body text, author, publish date, and more, from every URL passed into the action. Input URLs Result Article Note Use a Get Details of Article action immediately after this action to get specific details about the article. This action only supports getting one article from each URL.


Get Details of Articles

Extracts information from an article, including title, author, published date, body, excerpt, number of words, main image URL, URL, and name.


Filter Articles

Given a list of articles, this action returns the articles that match the given criteria.