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Smart Tech Today 41: Pavlov’s School Children 🎙

On episode 41 of Smart Tech Today, Mikah and I talked about the following:

The Google Assistant has added some new homeschooling features to its smart displays and speakers, including a school bell and random facts delivered throughout the day. Apple and UCLA are working together on a depression study. Mikah and Matthew answer and share a whole host of listener questions and feedback, respectively.

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Smart Tech Today 40: Hey Cortana, Goodbye! 🎙


On this episode of Smart Tech Today, Mikah and I talked about industry news as well as headlines around Microsoft, Google, and Amazon – and Mikah’s excellent tech for tracking health data.

Plus, we’re at episode 40! Thank you very much for listening. 🙏

Industry news




Mikah’s Automated Health Tracking

Picks of the week

Links for the show:

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iOS 14 Siri Shortcuts: My Feature on Rene Ritchie’s channel

The venerable Rene Ritchie was kind enough to invite me back onto his YouTube channel to talk Siri Shortcuts in iOS 14 and everything that’s new:


I always appreciate the opportunity to share about Shortcuts on other people’s channels, and Rene always manages to make me look good.

As I said in the video, make sure to stay tuned for some fun new updates here on my website, as well as for my own upcoming iOS 14 video.

Watch my video with Rene on YouTube.

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Appearance – Clockwise #353: “Shortcuts Concierge”

I had the pleasure of being a guest on episode 353 of the Clockwise podcast from Relay FM, joining Brianna Wu, Jason Snell, and Dan Moren for a 30-minute round table discussion of the week’s news.

We talked about Apple silicon and what it means for gaming as well as whether we’ll be buying the first round of Macs, our beta-installation strategies, and how to use Shortcuts for public good.

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Smart Tech Today #36: Google Heads North

On this episode of Smart Tech Today, Mikah and I talked about:

Links Siri Shortcuts

New Shortcuts Directory curates links for getting started with Siri Shortcuts

Shortcuts creator and designer Brad Siefert has created a dedicated website for people looking to discover various links and creators related to Siri Shortcuts – check out the new Shortcuts Directory.

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Smart Tech Today #35: NASA Says, “Don’t Touch Your Face”

On episode 35 of Smart Tech Today, Mikah and I talked about:

  • NASA’s innovative open-source project related to COVID,
  • New hardware releases for outdoor cameras and security systems,
  • Accessibility for sound recognition and assistant reminders,
  • Google’s major updates during Voice Global 2020, and
  • More updates on Shortcuts & automation from Apple’s WWDC

Plus, I included a special scoop about a new action in Shortcuts I haven’t seen anywhere else – enjoy!


What is Spatial Audio, Why Does it Matter, and What’s Apple’s Plan?

Em Lazer-Walker, Cloud Advocate at Microsoft, on what she’s calling the “audio version of ARKit” in iOS 14:

They talked about this largely in context of playing movies with multi-channel surround sound, but that’s probably the least interesting application of spatial audio.

As someone who’s been working in the field for a long time — my research at the MIT Media Lab in 2015 and 2016 focused on location-based storytelling in public spaces using spatial audio — I wanted to try to give some context around why this is interesting and what it might enable.

Fascinating summary of Apple’s new Spatial Audio feature and its potential – this covers what it is, how it differs from surround sound, and goes into detailed applications for this like wayfinding, vocal content, and real-world play/gaming experiences.

Read the full post on

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Apple execs talk updates on The Talk Show, WVFRM with MKBHD

Every year for the past few years, John Gruber of Daring Fireball has interviewed an Apple executive or two on his podcast The Talk Show, just after WWDC and often in a venue right nearby the conference.

This year, as with everything else WWDC, it was done online, with special guests Craig Federighi, Senior Vice President of Engineering at Apple, and Greg Jozwiak, Apple’s Vice President of Product Marketing.

Federighi and “Joz” filmed from Apple Park (in seemingly separate rooms, as one does nowadays) over the web with Gruber for over an hour and a half, which you can watch on YouTube:

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Smart Tech Today #34: WWDC Updates for the Smart Home

On this episode of Smart Tech Today, Mikah and I talked about Google Assistant adding Podcasts and recipes to its Snapshot feature, the NBA’s use of the Oura smart ring to detect COVID-19 symptoms in players, and Apple’s whole host of updates for the smart home – and what’s new with Siri Shortcuts.