Activism shortcuts

Running this shortcut will call 211, the number for social services like mental health or suicide protection.

Quickly toggles the flashlight on the device's camera system 8 times in a row, generating four flashes of light (on/off, on/off, on/off, on/off).

After adding a contact on import, this shortcut will text your street, city, and latitude/longitude to someone you trust – it will send the message three times to communicate the urgency and potentially show if your location has changed in a short time, then places a call to 911 to request emergency services.

Starts recording a video with the Back camera, saves it, prompts you to type in "What's happening?", then puts it into a paragraph with your street location and opens the Twitter share sheet where you can adjust the tweet & add in the video.

After adding a contact on import, this will send them a message that you are getting arrested, then open the camera to record a video, saves it just in case when you hit Done, then texts it to that person.

Takes the ZIP code that you enter on import, makes a web request to, pulls out your representatives' names and phone numbers, and prompts you to pick which one to call (and places the call after confirming one more time).

Asks you to enter a date/time that you’re eligible to vote early, then asks you to add the polling location, then creates the event on your calendar with a reminder to leave an hour early and vote for Biden.

Uses a trick with Get Current Weather to quickly retrieve your approximate location, then extracts the City and State, then adds “Early vote” and searches Google for the information for you.