Apple event shortcuts

Prompts you to enter in a thought, then presents it in the Tweet pop-up so you can send it off to Twitter.

Adds an item to your calendar called “Apple event” with an alert for 15 minutes before. Uses the Date action set to Specified Date to set the event start for the upcoming Tuesday at 10 am, then Uses Adjust Date to add 2 hours and sets it as the end date.

Sets the lights in the television room bright, then wakes the Apple TV, opens the TV app, and shows the Remote Control on iPhone or iPad so you can select and start the event playback.

Looks for or creates a note titled with today’s date and “Apple Event notes” in the name, then opens the note.

Presents a menu of for Rene’s Apple analysts, bloggers, and YouTubers lists, then grabs the corresponding list ID (taken from the URL on and opens the deep link into the Twitter app.