Apple Music shortcuts

Presents a menu of titles and corresponding deeps links to the various “Mood” playlists available in Apple Music.

Presents a menu of the titles for Apple Music’s curated playlists and opens the corresponding deep link into the playlist itself.

Presents a menu of the various genres available in Apple Music, then opens the deep link into the corresponding page in the Music app so you can browse the curated suggestions.

Presents a menu with the names of the Beats 1 Hosts and opens into their respective curator page, showing their latest interviews, playlists, and other related music.

Presents a menu of the various Apple Music 1 radio shows available to listen to on demand, then opens into the chosen page in the Music app.

Asks you to enter a search term, then has you specify the way to search (songs, artists, or albums), then searches iTunes for the result and opens the link into the Music app.

Generates the deep link to your Apple Music profile and presents it in the Share sheet so you can send it off to someone or post it online.

Takes the currently-playing music, searches the iTunes API for the track + artist, then copies the deep link with the parameter to open the Music app when tapped.

Opens the deep link into Apple Music TV in the Music app, starting playback immediately.

Gets the current song and presents a menu of playlists to choose from, then adds the song to the chosen playlist.