Camera shortcuts

Uses the Get Last Import to grab any photos added in the most recent session of images added from my SD card and imports them into Lightroom (does not work with RAW images).

Gets the 500 most-recent images in Photos, repeats through them to look for my camera model name, then lets me pick from those to import them. Once chosen, the shortcut also prompts to enter a filename, then appends numbers for each to have a unique name, then imports the renamed images to Lightroom.

Gets the last batch of images imported from an SD card, then lets you select the ones you want to save before importing them to Lightroom.

Immediately takes a photo with back camera, then front camera, then back camera—all without showing the image preview at all—stitches it together, then asks if you want to save it.

Presents a menu to choose whether to capture a photo or video, then opens the Shortcuts camera to the mode of your choice.

Take two photos in a row and stitch them side by side, then presents the image before saving it – can also be change to vertical for a stacked effect.

Take a photo in the style of the app Frontback, stitching together images front and back cameras on top of one another.

Presents a menu for various sections of the Settings app related to the iPhone camera, including Video, Slo-Mo, and settings for the Photos app itself.

Adds the golden hour times for morning and evening to the calendar for the next 7 days.

Grabs the upcoming weather forecast, then scrapes out today’s sunset time and subtracts one hour, plus the sunrise time for tomorrow plus one hour – then, it returns all the information structured as Golden Hour times for sunset and Blue Hour times for sunrise.