Community shortcuts

Opens my affiliate link into the MacSparky Field Guide for Shortcuts in a new browser tab. Also copies the link so I can share it with anyone who's interested.

Shows a Safari popover for the Shortcuts Catalog where you can see the Shortcuts Libary and Action Directory.

Shows a popover Safari window open to the Shortcuts Directory, a website of curated links related to Shortcuts.

Takes the Slack link to the Shortcuts User Group community that I manage and opens it so you can sign up. Also copies the link in case you want to share with a friend.

Presents the "Shortcuts" tag on in a popover browser window.

Opens r/shortcuts in the Apollo app for Reddit.

Opens a Safari popover to the MacStories iOS 14 review, right to the Shortcuts section.

Opens the URL to Chris Lawley’s channel in the YouTube app.

Opens the Clubhouse app where I can join in rooms and listen/participate in audio conversations.