Copy & Paste shortcuts

Takes the current contents of your clipboard, stores it, and presents it alongside values from Data Jar previously stored with this shortcut to copy later.

If more than the preset Number of items are stored, the shortcut will only present number of recent items.

Includes option for (Clear all) which resets all the data manager [warning: this option is permanently destructive, so this includes a confirmation].

Quick way to view what you've copied before you paste it. Works well with Universal Clipboard from a Mac too.

Shows the Share sheet for whatever's currently copied to the clipboard. Useful for acting on text or a file without actually manually finding the app to share and inserting it by hand.

After grabbing the current clipboard, showing a prompt for the text you want to replace and the text you want to replace it with. Once you fill it out, hit Done and the new text with replacements will be copied to your clipboard.

Takes text passed as input from the share sheet or clipboard and corrects the spelling, displaying the results before showing a share sheet.

Looks at the shortcut input or clipboard, uses it as the default text for a prompt asking which word you want to define, then shows the definition using the system dictionary. Then, the shortcut saves the word to a note.

Looks at the shortcut input or clipboard, then counts each letter or number included and provides it back to you.

Takes the clipboard, looks for any phone numbers identified using iOS' built-in data detectors, then copies the resulting digits to the clipboard for pasting elsewhere.

Takes the contents of anything copied to your clipboard from iOS or Mac and Base 64-encodes the file, transforming it into a long text string and copying it to your clipboard – that string can then later be decoded back into the original file.