Emergencies shortcuts

Sends a text message filled with travel time information to your pre-filled Safe Point to a trusted contact, then lowers your device brightness to save battery, turns on Low Power Mode to reduce any excess power consumption, turns off Do Not Disturb & turns up the volume so you can hear the phone, and gets directions via Google Maps.

Opens into driving directions to a pre-defined address that’s been marked as a safe point to head towards during emergencies.

Searches the Notes app for a note title “In Case Of Emergency” and opens it immediately.

Opens the rear-facing camera to let you record video of your possessions, then saves the video to the Photos.

Uses the “Show web page” action to display the California fire map for the Bay Area.

Uses the Open App action to open the AirVisual app that shows the Air Quality Index and various related information.

Gets the current weather at your location and tells you the air quality, first using the category and the then specific index.

Grabs the current weather, extracts the Visibility conditions and rounds the number for readability, then presents it alongside the AQI category, score, and a listing of the pollutants values in your area.