Entertainment shortcuts

Opens the 80’s-inspired music app Poolside.Fm and sets the playback destination to the speaker of your choice – also activates Noise Cancellation on AirPods Pro.

Turns the brightness up, sets Do Not Disturb, and opens the Xbox app.

Opens the link to Shortcuts.Live which resolves to the current address for my Shortcuts streams, usually Twitch.

Presents a series of entertainment apps that support Picture-In-Picture on iPad and iPhone, then opens into the chosen app.

Takes data stored in a dictionary of `games` and lets you choose from the keys before copying the value to your clipboard.

Uses "Rich Choose From List" to make the key/name of each item a menu option, then uses that key and returns the value for the chosen item.

Turns on Do Not Disturb, activated a custom light scene painted with the Cyberpunk colors, and opens the LIFX app to activate Color Cycle.

Asks you to enter the length of the movie and then sets Do Not Disturb, turns the brightness to 100%, turns on Noise Cancellation, and opens the TV app.

Sets Do Not Disturb and a timer for 30 minutes, turns up the brightness, turns on Transparency, and opens the Fretello app.

Asks what game was played, how it ended, and what you could learn from it, then logs it in Notes with the time stamp.