Focus shortcuts

Starts up the “Relax” mode of Endel, a variation that plays lowkey sound effects that help your mind calm down and settle.

Triggers the “On-The-Go” mode of Endel’s sounsdscape experience, which produces generative audio based on the movement of the acceleromter and gyroscope in my iPhone (plus heart rate) – as you walk, the beat keeps up with you and forms a nice rhythym.

Activates the “Sleep” soundscape generated by the Endel app’s shortcut, triggering soothing audio sounds that aid in falling asleep.

Tool for starting, pausing, extending, or skipping pomodoro sessions in the Focus app.

Starts a "Break" session for 5 minutes in the Focus app, after which it will send an alert that the break is over and it's time to resume working.

Uses the Control Session action from Focus to pause the current session.

Prompts for you to enter a set number of minutes, then uses that value to extend the current session in Focus.

Uses the Focus app’s “Control session” action set to Reset to begin the current focus session again from the start.

Starts a Focus session in the Focus app for 25 minutes – has "Show When Run" on to confirm the session and show it in Siri.

Opens into the Do Not Disturb section of the Settings app using a deep link.