GIFs shortcuts

Lets you choose from recent Live Photos, then asks whether you want to convert the option to a video or a GIF, then displays the result in a Quick Look window.

Looks into the Photos library and lets you select from the most recently-shot videos, then lets you trim the chosen option, makes it into a GIF, and shows it in a Quick Look window.

Lets you choose from Burst photos from your library, converts the choice to a GIF, and then previews it before letting you share or save it.

Lets you select multiple photos from the Photos app, then stitches them into a GIF before saving it to to Photos automatically.

Takes the most recently-shot Burst mode photo, stitches it into a GIF, then previews the results in a Quick Look popover.

Takes three photos with the selfie camera, stitches them into a photo, and previews the result.

Searches for GIFs in the automatically-created Animated album, presents them to choose from, then sends the pick to a pre-selected contact.

Prompts you to type in a query, then searches GIPHY for a good reaction GIF, then presents it in the Share sheet.