Health shortcuts

Presents a menu of the currently-available alarms in the Clock app, then toggles the selected choices on.

Looks for Health Samples for volume levels tracked when using headphones connected to your iPhone and displays the result.

Asks you to input a temperature reading from a thermometer, then saves it into the Health app.

Asks you a series of prompts designed to help combat anxiety by thinking through your senses – overall how you’re feeling, plus sight, sound, smell, and touch.

Asks how long I'd like to take a nap, then appends 10 extra minutes for falling asleep, then sets a timer for the total duration and tells me what time the timer will sound.

Asks how long the meditation session will last, then sets Do Not Disturb for that period before opening Headspace.

Asks you to choose the type of caffeinated drink (coffee, espresso, cappuccino, or a soda) and logs the caffeine content into the Health app. Also compares against the daily recommended limit of milligrams of caffeine.

Asks you to enter the ounces of water you want to log, then adds it to the Health app.

Turns on the bathroom lights, starts playing your personalized Apple Music radio station, sets a timer for 10 minutes, and turns on the water lock on Apple Watch.