Health shortcuts

Presents an Ask Each Time option for Health sample types to log, then asks you to fill out any missing values.

Presents a menu for “Now” or “Earlier,” then prompts for a time as needed, then logs an event for Toothbrushing in the Health app.

Looks at the count of times UV index was logged automatically by my Workout automation in the last week.

Presents a series of menus, starting with length of the workout to set Do Not Disturb, which device to set the Apple TV up or to pick Noise Control & then opens into a workout type of your on the current device using a deep link.

Opens into a variety of pages in the Health app, including: sleep, nutrition, handwashing, toothbrushing, activity, flights climbed, body measurements, mobility, heart data, VO2 max info, environmental volume levels, and headphone levels.

Presents a menu of various time periods for setting Do Not Disturb, then adjusts your device according to the choice – includes a few colloquial phrases like “a bit” and “a while” that can be customized to your preferences, plus options for turning it on until lunch or after work.

Presents a menu of different types of workouts, then runs corresponding shortcuts for each that perform multiple sets like setting a HomeKit scene before starting the workout.