Internet shortcuts

Checks for links from the shortcut input or clipboard, then scrapes the RSS feed and presents 10 articles to choose from, then opens them in Safari. Plus, the RSS feed is copied to clipboard.

Looks at the shortcut input or clipboard for links, gets any RSS feeds, presents them in a menu, then grabs the raw text of your choice and displays it in a window.

Displays a Quick Look preview of the HTML source code from any link shared as input or URL copied to the clipboard before running. Then, it prompts you to Share or Save to Files if you want to examine the webpage details further.

Grabs the shortcut input or clipboard, then encodes the link and passes it as a parameter in a Snopes URL, then shows the resulting page with search results for the story.

Takes links from the clipboard or shared as input and appends them to a URL for the Wayback Machine, which will show snapshots of the webpage in time when opened.

Takes any link from the clipboard or Share sheet and presents it in a Safari popover with Reader mode applied. Makes it easy to quickly read an article you've come across without the extra cruft some websites display.

Asks for input, then takes the query and builds the Google URL before showing the webpage in a popover (so it doesn't create a new tab).

Presents a menu of various operations that use Run Javascript on webpage, including speeding up videos or activating gyroscopic scroll on the current Safari web page.