LaunchPad shortcuts

Opens directly into your Lists inside the Twitter app after you've added the unique IDs to the Dictionary action.

Creates an entry in Day One with the day's date in the title, for taking notes throughout the day.

Uses the Run Shortcut action to trigger the “Open Twitter lists” shortcut.

Presents a menu of water or caffeine, running a corresponding shortcut to log the data into the Health app.

Presents a menu of various friends’ names and the corresponding apps used to communicate with them.

Presents the option to choose from "Work" or "Personal" groups, then from the set of lists, then opens the chosen list in Reminders. Works great in the Shortcuts widget.

Presents a menu of options for different apps to open and shortcuts to run related to reading apps.

Using Choose From Menu, lets you choose from a list of Home scene names and then activate the corresponding scene.

Uses the Play Music action to start “Matthew Cassinelli’s Station” right away.