Listen Now shortcuts

Opens an audio app of my choosing, picking from a list of options and using the Open App action. Useful as a quick one-tap replacement for a folder of app icons.

Looks at the Notes app for a note called “Albums that always work,” lets you choose from the titles saved in the note, then searches your library for the music and plays it back.

Looks at your music library for 10 random songs that have been played at least 5 times and shuffles them.

Uses the Play Music action to look for a “Master: My Favorites Mix” playlist and plays it on shuffle.

Opens the deep link into YouTube for the “Chills beats to relax/study to” never-ending livestream.

Finds 25 songs from your library at random and starts playing them on shuffle right away.

Starts playing the Apple Music 1 radio station in the Music app.

Starts playing the Apple Music Hits radio station in the Music app.