Location shortcuts

Gets addresses from the clipboard or shared as input, presents a menu if more than one is found, and then gives options for sharing it, showing it in maps, getting directions, getting travel time, or sharing the Maps URL to that spot.

Asks for the current mileage, then logs it with the current date and time in a CSV in /Shortcuts/Data/Mileage.csv, then confirms it with a prompt.

Takes the current date & your latitude/longitude and adds it to an ongoing note; run this multiple times to add locations to the same note.

Takes the current location or place shared as input and copies the latitude & longitude to your clipboard.

Takes a list of business value types and picks a random one to find nearby and open into Maps with directions there.

Uses the Open App action to open into Find My Friends.

Gets a Maps URL for the current GPS location and presents it in a Messages window.