Notes folders shortcuts

Uses the Choose From menu action to present top-level categories for Notes folders, then includes multiple other menus for each category and opens into the chosen Folder.

Presents a menu of the various Folders I’ve created in the Notes app, then opens into the corresponding choice using Show Notes Folder. Includes an example for picking from subfolders as well using an additional Choose From Menu action.

Uses the Show Notes Folder action to set to the default Notes category to open there and let you sort anything that’s not yet added to a folder.

Opens into the Checklists folder I’ve created in Notes to keep various task lists or templates.

Presents a menu of my choice of note-taking apps, then either presents Notes folders to pick from and show or opens directly into Craft using Open App.

Presents a menu of the main folder and various subfolders for my Video notes in the Notes open, then opens into the chosen folder using Show Notes Folder.

Uses the Show Notes Folder action to open into the All iCloud folder that shows every note you’ve created in the Notes app.