Notes shortcuts

Searches for a note called “Links of the Week” and appends the shortcut input or clipboard text to the end in the Notes app.

Takes a chosen note or one shared as input and counts the total words, then displays the information in a dialog or speaks it back with Siri.

Creates a note for the current calendar week. Also checks if one exists before creating it, to avoid duplicates.

Takes the clipboard and appends to it to the most-recently modified note, before opening it in Notes.

Bring up a list of recently modified notes and quickly reopen one of them.

Takes the shortcut input or clipboard text and automatically creates a new note in the Notes app – can be customized to send to a Folder as well.

Takes the title of a chosen note, encodes it, and adds it as the `Input` portion of a Run Shortcut URL for my "Open Notes" shortcut that will then open it in the Notes app.

Presents options for top-level folders, then sub-folders to choose from. Takes input from Share sheet or clipboard, otherwise prompts to enter body text.