Photography shortcuts

Takes photos from input or prompts you to select some, then compresses the choices into a new .zip file, then passes it to the Share sheet.

Looks for links shared as input or on the clipboard, scrapes the HTML for images, then downloads them, saves them to a photo album called Inspiration, and shows the downloaded file in a notification.

Takes photos from input or asks to select photos if none are shared in, then takes the image and resizes to a width of 1440 pixels and shows the share sheet.

Filters for photos in the automatically-generated "Portraits" album for photos shot with Portrait mode, lets you choose one, then presents the share sheet to send it off somewhere.

Filters for photos in "Selfie" album that’s automatically created for any photos taken with the front-facing camera.

Looks for photos taken in the last week, lets you pick which ones to save, then presents a list of your albums to choose where to save them.

Lets me pass photos or select them on run, then resize appropriately, add filenames according to iMore's structure, and save them into the Assets folder I've created inside iCloud Drive. Also checks for the presence of existing images named the same way and increments the names accordingly.

Looks for links shared as input or on the clipboard, downloads the file, unzips it and presents the images to choose from, and saves the resulting images to photos.