Podcasts shortcuts

Searches for, subscribes to, and plays the iPad Pros podcast by host Tim Chaten.

Searches the Apple Podcasts directory for the show Magic Rays of Light with Sigmund Judge, then subscribes to the show and plays the newest episode.

Presents options for choosing how to search for a podcast: by podcast title, by host name, or pasting from the clipboard. Then, presents a list of results in a menu before subscribing you to the chosen option.

Also includes an option to automatically search for whatever's shared if run from the Share sheet.

Uses a donated action from the Podcasts app to start my custom station for Technology.

Takes the current time, converts it to 24-hour time, then grabs just the Number value and uses it in an "If" conditional – if before 8pm (or 20), play podcast "A", otherwise if after 8pm play podcast "B."

Includes Import Questions for pre-selecting the podcasts.

Searches for Podcasts published today (and downloaded to your device) and starts playing the earliest-posted episode right away.

Presents a menu of podcasts in your Podcasts app to choose from, then plays the last episode available chronologically.

Presents a menu of all the podcast you’re subscribed to, then grabs episodes from the chosen show, then starts playing the episode you pick.