Email shortcuts

Shortcuts for staying on top of your email in Mail or Gmail.

Use these shortcuts to check your email, save drafts or email yourself, and generate your signature to paste into the body.

Email is the universal inbox for the internet age and, while it’s not as culturally popular as something like social media, it will never go away as a good method of communication.

Shortcuts makes it easier to perform the kind of email automation that’s normally not accessible to everyday people – you can Mail Merge from a contact list and send batch emails, you can create rich formatting on iOS using Markdown, and Email Automations for iOS make it easy to act on an email after it comes in.

Shortcuts for staying on top of your email in Mail or Gmail.
Asks you to enter a subject line and then a message, then saves both as an email draft in the Mail app.
Save a short note to yourself by dictating or typing in the body, then automatically sending the email to your own email address with a canned title.
Opens my email app of choice Gmail so I can immediately see relevant emails, then quickly filter out anything I don’t care about.
Takes a pre-written email signature written in Markdown and converts it to rich text, then copies to it the clipboard to be pasted into the body an email.