Read Later shortcuts

Takes URLs from input from the Share sheet or clipboard and presents a menu to save it to Reading List, Instapaper, Pocket, or Pinboard.

Takes links from the Share sheet or clipboard and adds them into Pocket.

Get links from the shortcut input or clipboard, then repeats with each URL and downloads the page, then looks for all the links in the body, presents them in a menu, then passes them out to Reading List as it repeats through every link.

Grabs 100 articles from a selected folder in Instapaper, then adds each of them to Pocket with a pre-specified tag.

Takes URLs saved to a Pinboard account and lets you choose from the options before opening them in Safari.

Accepts links from the clipboard or share sheet, then presents a list of your Instapaper folders and saves to the correct one (includes option for no folder/“Home” too).