Reading shortcuts

Takes URLs from Share sheet or clipboard, finds the article from the webpage, estimates how long it will take to speak in a prompt, then starts reading it aloud once you confirm.

Donated shortcut from Safari that opens directly into Reading List when run from Shortcuts.

Presents a menu with the choice to grab from a set of predetermined RSS or pull a scan from the New York Times or San Francisco Chronicle's website with today's Front Page.

Uses a shortcut donated from the News app to open the "Today" section.

Presents a menu of options for opening into specific pages of the App Store: Search, Today, Apps, Games, Apple Arcade, the Developer Tools & Productivity categories, the Updates page, and also TestFlight for beta apps.

From a list of subreddit names, lets you choose a subreddit, pull items from its RSS feed, and choose from the results before opening it into the Apollo app for Reddit.

Uses a donated action from the Books app to resume playback on the audiobook for Getting Things Done.

Pulls a scan from the New York Time's website of today's Front Page by automatically formatting the date in the URL they use every time, then adds it to Books.

Takes 500 unread articles from Pocket and saved them to Instapaper.