Reminders shortcuts

Multi-tool that lets me set a couple of common short-term reminders that I need to set but don't want to fiddle around with each time – also has a tool for splitting a list of text into individual reminders.

Create a series of dictations that get stored in iCloud Drive, organized by date.

Asks for a dictation, then adds the reminder to a list titled Bulk – includes an alert if you’ve already added the item so that you don’t end up with duplicates.

Starts dictation, then separates the input by new lines and adds each to the Grocery list in Reminders.

Searches for Reminders from a set of specified lists (then does a second filtering for only incomplete reminders), picks one at random, and either shows it in a dialog or speaks it back if run from Siri.

Presents a menu of Reminders Lists, then the corresponding reminders from the chosen List, then prompts to add new subtasks for the chosen reminder and adds them one-by one, also showing prompts to add notes to each task.

Takes any links from the clipboard or shortcut input, grabs the article details, and adds the Title, Excerpt, and Link as a new reminder.

Uses the Dictate Text action set to stop listening "After Pause" and then saves my text into the To Do list created in Reminders (or your default list).

Takes a list entered by dictation, typing, or shared as input and creates a series of Reminders in the list of your choice.

Uses Siri to speak back the most recently-added reminder in the Reminders app.