Schedule shortcuts

Stay on top of things

Creates daily consecutive events, starting with today. Starts with a prompt for the event name, then stores today's date as the main variable, uses Repeat set to your chosen loops loops, then saves an event using the Date variable, adds one day to the variable, and starts another loop using that newly-incremented variable.

Transfers events for the next day from one calendar to another. From a list of pre-filled calendars, lets you choose which calendar to move *from*, then which to move *to*, then iterates through all the events and adds them.

Due to action limitations, does not include any type of repeats, event attendees, or the alter times.

Looks for the start and end of the day, then searches your Calendars for any non-All Day events, then calculates the empty time leading up to and after your appointments.

Uses the "View Tomorrow"donated shortcut from Calendar app to open into the next day.

Prompts for the time when I'm planning on having lunch, then adds an event for it in my calendar. Includes an alert 15 minutes before in case I need to prep anything.

Grabs any overdue reminders and remaining events for the day and displays them in an alert or out loud when run from Siri.

Prompts me to choose from a menu of options on whether to check Things, Fantastical, the default Calendar app, or my scheduled reminders.