Smart Home shortcuts

Opens the Amazon Alexa app, which recently gained the ability to listen for wake words anytime the Alexa app is open.

Uses the Google Assistant app's shortcut for triggering "Hey Google" to listen for commands.

Activates the “I’m working scene” that lights up my office, runs a second shortcut called “LIFX” that opens into the app so I can set a Color Cycle, then waits to return before beginning a pomodoro session in the Focus app.

Uses the SwitchBot action to physically press the button on my espresso machine, turning it on to heat up water ahead of when I want to make coffee.

Runs my "Downstairs work" scene that turns on the desk lamp and lights in the living room where I have an additional spot to work from.

Activates the "I'm working" scene that turns my office lights on to a good color, then runs my "Wake Mac" shortcut that activate my iMac using SSH.

Tells HomeKit to turn off all the lights in my office, uses Hand Off to swap any current music from my office HomePod and/or turns my AirPods off so anything playing comes out of the current device, then uses SSH to shut down my computer.