Speaker Control shortcuts

Uses the Set Playback Destination action to send the audio of the current device to a Sonos One on the network.

Takes the current music and casts it my Sonos One using AirPlay, then opens the Sonos app for direct volume control.

Sets playback to my current device, then lets me choose a specific volume level from the set I built from testing and change my device’s level.

Quickly change your device's system volume by picking a numeric value from a list. You can customize the list to contain your favorite volume presets, which support decimal values. The shortcut can be used from the widget as well.

Opens a deep link into the Bluetooth page of the Settings app to help you see and diagnose what’s going on with a specific device.

Set the playback destination from the current device to a HomePod mini.

Turns on Noise Cancellation, turns on the lights near my desk, and runs my Do Not Disturb shortcut that asks in plain English how I’d like to set DND.

Turns on Transparency, turns off the lights near my desk, and turns off Do Not Disturb.

Presents a menu of places to change playback, using Hand Off to HomePod where possible or accounting for Bluetooth/AirPlay devices. Includes the current device model for switching back as well, which includes a prompt if using Hand Off.