Speaker Control shortcuts

Opens a deep link into the Bluetooth page of the Settings app to help you see and diagnose what’s going on with a specific device.

Quickly change your device's system volume by picking a numeric value from a list. You can customize the list to contain your favorite volume presets, which support decimal values. The shortcut can be used from the widget as well.

Sets playback to my current device, then lets me choose a specific volume level from the set I built from testing and change my device’s level.

Takes the current music and casts it my Sonos One using AirPlay, then opens the Sonos app for direct volume control.

Uses the Set Playback Destination action to send the audio of the current device to a Sonos One on the network.

Uses the Hand Off action to swap the audio from the current device to the HomePod on my desk for times when I'm working in my office.

Uses the "Hand Off" feature to send music or podcasts from the current iPhone or iPad to a HomePod in my living room.

Automatically sets "iPhone" or "iPad" depending on where it's triggered from.

Uses the Set Playback Destination action set to my AirPods Pro to connect the audio and disconnect from a different device.

Presents a menu of options for transferring currently-playing audio *back* to the current iPhone or iPad being used.

Groups AirPods and Sonos together as they're not actually using the "Hand Off" and instead just switching the Bluetooth destination.

Doesn't work with music started from Sonos itself, only music sent to Sonos using AirPlay.