Special Characters shortcuts

Takes your entered text and ReTuRnS It lIkE ThIs as if you are mocking somebody by repeating their words back to them in a mocking tone. Also copies the distorted Spongebob meme often used alongside it, making it clear you're being sarcastic.

Presents an input field that asks "Which emoji?" and uses the system information to take whatever you enter and define it for you.

Takes a series of pre-selected emoji, splits it up into a list, presents the options to choose from, and copies the chosen emoji to the clipboard to be pasted elsewhere.

Contains a dictionary of names and symbols that, when passed into Choose From List, becomes selectable – for whichever option is chosen, the corresponding symbol will be passed out and copied to the clipboard.

Name is intentionally spelled this was to reflect the Simbol app*

Presents a menu with the shorthand name for various ASCII art-related internet memes – depending on what you pick, presents various prompts for filling out the inline jokes before letting you tweak the result and copy it to your clipboard.