Stonks shortcuts

Opens the Stocks app to the NASDAQ price.

Asks you to enter a stock symbol, then grabs the 52-week high and low before providing it back to you. Then, shows the company’ page in Yahoo Finance in a popover browser.

Gets the current stock quote for Apple, Inc and provides it back to you.

For a given list of stock symbols, presents a menu of potential companies and then grabs the Yahoo Finance “Info URLs” and opens them in Safari.

Shows a window open to a deep link into the website where I can check my current holdings and stock performance. To add your own, visit the website in Safari and copy the link, then paste it into the URL action.

For a given list of stock symbols, this rounds the stock price and change before presenting the list back to you.

Gets the stock quote for an entered symbol, rounds off the change in price, and presents all the stats for the stock’s daily performance, including the open price, high, low, current price, and latest change, as well as a timestamp.