Tim’s Watch Routine shortcuts

A collection of Siri Shortcuts for Apple Watch based on the routine Tim Cook mentioned at the start of the September 2020 keynote – this is how Tim uses his Apple Watch.

Starts playing the Apple Music 1 radio station in the Music app.

Save a short note to yourself by dictating or typing in the body, then automatically sending the email to your own email address with a canned title.

Grabs the conditions at a preselected location and presents the current weather in an alert.

Pulls the next event from any of your calendars and presents the title & start time back to you.

Quickly send a message to a preselected contact by responding to the prompt “What do you want to say?”

Follows Tim Cook’s routine mentioned in the September 2020 keynote: “When I get home, I use [Apple Watch] to open my garage, unlock my door, and turn on my lights.”

Uses the Open App action to open into the Fitness app (formerly called Activity).

Pulls the latest headline from a single RSS feed and presents the title in an alert.