Transportation shortcuts

Opens a deep link into the CarPlay page in Settings on iPhone, assuming you have a CarPlay-enabled vehicle that triggers this setting to appear.

Checks for the upcoming departures at the Ashby BART station in Berkeley and provides them back using Show Result.

Shows the webpage for selected BART stations, opening it in a popover instead of creating a new browser tab. Uses the station abbreviation in the mobile link before showing the page.

Using station codes and the BART API, gets real-time transit information for trains in the Bay Area.

Prompts you to enter a destination, then type in the location of whomever you’re meeting, then searches for a venue near the halfway point. Once you choose a destination, it’ll show the spot in Maps so can decide for sure whether to meet there.

Asks for an end destination, then opens into Maps with driving directions from your current location.

Searches for Hiking locations nearby, presents them to choose from, then shows the pick in Apple Maps.

Presents menus for the same search terms found in the Maps app, then options for local businesses matching those results. Then, it runs "Extract location" which lets you act on the venue info.

Uses the Bay Area Rapid Transit service's API to make a request to the Rockridge station's data.