Voice shortcuts

Takes voice input and saves it to Notes, along with the current time in case multiple dictations are made in the same day.

Allows you to dictate text into your phone until you tap it to stop, then shows the Share sheet so you can send your text somewhere else.

Asks with an input for text (will ask you when run from Siri), then speaks the resulting text out loud.

Like Microsoft Sam, but for iPhone.

Takes text from the Share sheet or clipboard and translates it—to English by default—before copying it to the clipboard again. Then, it's displayed as a result, or spoken out loud when run from Siri.

For real-time translation, this lets you speak into your device and have the device speak back the results. Also includes a prompt in case you didn't hear the result.

Asks you to enter text, then uses the Speak Text action to say it out loud.

Takes three lists of Shakespearean insults and combines them into one remark, making it appear as if Siri is making fun of you using old English slang.

Opens the Siri page in the Settings app using a deep link.

Based on the full list curated by MacStories: https://www.macstories.net/ios/a-comprehensive-guide-to-all-120-settings-urls-supported-by-ios-and-ipados-13-1/

Opens into Just Press Record and starts recording a voice memo.

Opens into the Ada Dictation app and starts a recording so you can capture and transcribe your audio.