Wind Down shortcuts

Uses the Open App action to open into Music – included in the “Shortcuts” menu during Wind Down.

Uses the Open App action to open into the Headspace app after being run as part of my Wind Down shortcuts.

Sets a HomeKit scene titled “Evening chill” that dims the lights, turns on Do Not Disturb, sets the volume and brightness to 50%, then deactivates the screen and sounds on Apple Watch.

Turns off any alarms from the Clock app that were set for the morning and responds with a confirmation once it's done running.

Uses the Open App action to open into Day One, the journaling app that I’ve been using for over 8 years.

Gets the weather forecast, looks at the second item for tomorrow's weather, then grabs just the sunrise time, then presents it in a menu while asking you which of your alarms to set. Also tells you the time 8 1/2 hours ahead so you can get to bed on time.

Includes some fancy scripting to show the times as menu titles, plus the sunrise time as "Create new alarm" option.

Uses the Open App action to open into Endel, after which any audio stops playing and the most recent soundscape starts up again – used as part of the Wind Down shortcuts.

Activates Low Power Mode, disabling background refresh in apps and saving battery life by reducing extra connections.