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About the Membership

I previously worked as part of the Workflow team before it was acquired and turned into Shortcuts by Apple.

But now, I work independently, sharing my knowledge of how to use Siri Shortcuts.

Since leaving Apple, I’ve collected much of this into the new Shortcuts Catalog, a web-based collection of information related to using Siri Shortcuts:

  • My Shortcuts Library, a collection with over 50 custom shortcuts for you to browse through, download for yourself, and get ideas on what to build next.

  • The Action Directory, a glossary-based list of the native actions for the Shortcuts app, now updated with descriptions as well as inputs and outputs relevant to the action.

In addition to this free material, I also run a membership program that’s focused on freemium material.

For just $5/month or $50/year, the membership buys you:

  • Extra shortcuts
  • Bonus knowledge,
  • Exclusive access and
  • Shortcuts resources I’m creating

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More About Member Perks

Extra shortcuts

Members have access to a private page curating 25+ members' shortcuts not available otherwise.

Members can see the bonus material from the Extras page, plus get the full list of members' shortcuts below or on the main Catalog page.

Bonus Catalog knowledge

Members can see extra information I've curated for each section of the catalog, available anywhere my shortcuts or the actions are embedded.

Members also get custom views to browse the actions, all interlinked through categories and tags I've added:

Members-only posts

Members can also get access to a variety of notes, checklists, and research material that I publish ahead of videos/blog posts I'm creating.

Currently, members can see my Home Screens and Apple Watch faces, for example.

Livestreams & archive

Every month I'll be hosting livestreams for members via an unlisted YouTube stream – we'll discuss Shortcuts on a higher level, talk directly about what everyone wants to see, and just have fun.

In addition, I curate a list of past livestreams that are always archived after the stream is over – these are collected into a convenient list for members to dive in at their leisure.

Community area

I run a publicly-available Discord community called the Shortcuts User Group – there's a special #members channel exclusive to the membership where I share bonus materials, information about the Catalog, and answer specific questions about the membership.

Monthly newsletter

I'm sending out one extra newsletter to members each month covering all the new material that's been shared each week, including posts, shortcuts, streams, and anything new in the catalog.

Why a Membership?

I’m creating this membership program because I believe independentmember-supported creation is the best way to enable the production of high quality content through sustainable methods.

You can already learn about technology on every other corner of the internet – this huge effort and unique expertise can instead help you:

  • Save time learning about Shortcuts on your own
  • Discover more uses for the technology you already have,
  • Get better ideas that hadn’t occurred to you but will mesh into your life quickly, and
  • Reveal new insight into your own relationship with your tools

I’ve been at this for years now and I still feel like I am barely getting started – thanks in advance for your support.

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