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About Matthew

Hi, I’m Matthew Cassinelli. This is my website, a publication about how people can get more out of their technology.

I previously worked as part of the Workflow team before it was acquired and turned into Shortcuts by Apple – but now I work independently, sharing my knowledge of how to use Siri Shortcuts.

About this Catalog

Since leaving Apple, I’ve collected much of my knowledge into the new Shortcuts Catalog, a web-based collection of information related to using Siri Shortcuts:

  • My Shortcuts Library, a collection with over 50 custom shortcuts for you to browse through, download for yourself, and get ideas on what to build next,
  • The Action Directory, a glossary-based list of the native actions for the Shortcuts app, now updated with descriptions as well as inputs and outputs relevant to the action.

I will also continue sharing regular public updates alongside new releases of the Shortcuts app, so make sure to check back.

About the Membership

With my mission of open access in mind, I am launching a membership program that’s instead focused on freemium material.

Half the Shortcuts Library itself is publicly available—anyone can download the free shortcuts themselves and learn about the actions—but the membership buys you extra shortcuts, bonus knowledge, exclusive access and Shortcuts resources I’m creating.

Read on to learn more – or jump ahead and join now.

What you’ll get as a member

1. Extra shortcuts (see full list below)

Members have access to a private page curating 25+ members’ shortcuts not available otherwise.

Some are exclusive to the membership program, while others are available in pre-release before they go out to the public in future Catalog updates.

Members can see the bonus material from the Extras page, plus get the full list of members’ shortcuts below or on the main Catalog page.

2. Bonus Catalog knowledge

Members can see extra information I’ve curated for each section of the catalog, available anywhere my shortcuts or the actions are embedded.

Members also get custom views to browse the actions, all interlinked through categories and tags I’ve added:

Shortcuts Library

Public: Name, Explanation, Description, iCloud link, Folder

PrivateDevices this works well with, how to run this shortcut, the main features the shortcut uses, and important actions included in the shortcut*

Action Directory

Public: Name, Description, Group and subgroup in the Shortcuts app, my shortcuts that utilize this action

PrivateInput and Results accepted by the action, Parameters you can change on the action, my complexity rating, whether or not the action asks for input, and the related actions that work well together.

3. Exclusive livestreams and a private chatroom

Members will get access to exclusive livestreams and a private chatroom.

Every other week I’ll be hosting livestreams for members via an unlisted YouTube stream – we’ll discuss Shortcuts on a higher level, talk directly about what everyone wants to see, and just have fun.

Plus, I run a publicly-available Slack community called the Shortcuts User Group – there’s a special #members channel exclusive to the membership where I share bonus materials, information about the Catalog, and answer specific questions about the membership.

4.  Resources, notes, and archived material

Members can also get access to a variety of notes, checklists, and research material that I publish ahead of videos/blog posts I’m creating.

Currently, members can see my Home Screens and Apple Watch faces, for example.

In addition, I’ve curated a list of past livestreams that’ve been archived or spread out across my channels into a convenient list for members to dive in at their leisure.

Become a member

I’m creating this membership program because I believe independent, member-supported creation is the best way to enable the production of high quality content through sustainable methods.

You can already learn about technology on every other corner of the internet – this huge effort and unique expertise can instead help you:

  • Save time learning about Shortcuts on your own
  • Discover more uses for the technology you already have,
  • Get better ideas that hadn’t occurred to you but will mesh into your life quickly, and
  • Reveal new insight into your own relationship with your tools

I’ve been at this for years now and I still feel like I am barely getting started – thanks in advance for your support.

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The weekly newsletter

While anyone can sign up to receive updates about the Shortcuts Catalog through my brand-new email newsletter called “What’s new in Shortcuts” that goes out every weekend, new members will automatically be subscribed.

This newsletter will include:

  • Outbound links to Shortcuts stories,
  • Links to various Catalog updates,
  • Any new material I’ve created that work, plus
  • Information on my upcoming schedules.

Plus, the newsletter will link back to any new private material for members only each week it becomes available.

About Matthew is a website covering Siri Shortcuts, Apple products, and related technology, created by technologist Matthew Cassinelli – hello!

I am extremely excited about the potential that people have in unlocking the capabilities of their personal technology to do more for them while spending less time doing it all.

Recent advances in automation have put the power back into an individual’s hands and allowed everyday people to create technologies for themselves (and others) without the need for coding knowledge or traditional computers – Apple’s Siri Shortcuts.

I had the privilege of joining the Shortcuts team before they were Shortcuts – I worked for Workflow, the app that Apple acquired before eventually turning it into today’s Siri Shortcuts features. At Workflow, I worked on the app’s marketing, writing copy for the main website, writing the app’s documentation, and creating hundreds of shortcuts for the in-app Gallery (which is still largely available in Shortcuts today).

As a creator, I use automation to:

  • Take the busywork out of daily tasks,
  • Share about products that truly solve my problems, and
  • Construct workflows to help me spend less time getting more done.

That focus is my lens for exploring how life can be lived when augmented by a thoughtful application of technology.

In that regard, my goal for this site to make as much information I know as freely accessible and available as possible.

I fully believe in the potential for Shortcuts to change the world. By making it possible for individuals to build shortcuts, taking advantage of the capabilities of coding on mobile devices and utilizing them in their daily lives, Apple took Workflow and is turning it into programming for the masses.

Now, I’m utilizing what I’ve learned in my history as I’m working independently, teaching people across a variety of media – I hope I can be a conduit for you to tap into this exciting energy.

Thanks for stopping by.