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  • Check my shortcuts stats
  • Shortcuts User Group links
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  • Widget apps
  • Desk setup (now with links!)
  • My Home Screens preview + stacks explanation
  • Apple Watch faces preview
  • Members-only notes


The “lost” iPhone unboxing video

Welp – I missed my main shot in my iPhone unboxing video. That, and I wasn’t satisfied with my background either – so much so that I’ve rearranged my office again.

But I edited the video anyway! I probably would have cut a lot more if I had more time, but here’s a 12-minute version cut between my two cameras with some simple chill beats underneath – enjoy:

New “Edit” action shortcuts

In iOS 14.3 beta 1, there are new actions for editing data – Apple’s starting out with Calendars, Contacts, and Reminders.

For each of the following actions, I built one sample shortcut to test how they work – here’s what I came up with:

Check my shortcuts stats

Click here to read some thoughts about the latest shortcut for members:

Check my shortcuts stats.

Shortcuts User Group

Hello members friends!Extras

I have created a free Slack community called the Shortcuts User Group – it’s a collection of people who are interested in talking about Siri Shortcuts, sharing ideas, and helping each other out.

The community itself is free to join and you can invite other people, but I haven’t publicized it much in an attempt to keep things small and manageable to stay up with.

So please sign up, come say hi, and invite anyone you might think would enjoy it – but please refrain from sharing widely on Twitter or anything like that.

See you there!

Livestream Archive

Widget apps

Click here to see my list of iOS 14-capable apps that include widgets.

Desk setup


Click here to see my desk setup.

My Home Screens



Click here to read my Home Screen notes in Craft.

Apple Watch faces


Members-only notes

Thoughts on Home Screen widgets

The newest Home Screen trend is undoubtedly the single best thing to happen to the Shortcuts community – now almost everyone knows about the Shortcuts app and has used it, albeit for a very specific purpose.

For my uses, however, the big thing for Home Screens is stacks – specifically stacking Shortcuts widgets, and even more specifically, the “Single” mode.

If you peep at my iPad Home Screen early look, you’ll see two single stacks peeking out of the bottom corner – these are going down my iPad sidebar and all around on my iPhone.

These are powered by the “Home Screen single widgets” collection below, a duplication of the same shortcut across the various areas of my work. With those, stacked with other widgets like Timery and Things set to the same area, I’ve got a whole host of Home Screen pages I can choose from, each with every single of one of my shortcuts readily available with just a few taps.

The “Home Screen single widgets” shortcuts also let me pick whether I want to run the shortcut or instead open & edit it, making my entire Shortcuts Catalog just a few taps away on any Home Screen page.

Check out the collection, replace my folders with yours, and get to putting more Shortcuts widgets on your Home Screens!