The Case of the Last Case 🎙

New episode of Supercomputer out:

Alex and Matthew reflect on the month’s Apple-related news, giving the hot takes some room and seeing how we’re feeling after some extra context. Plus, there’s a celebrity appearance.

Continuing along with new topics, Alex and I are starting an occasional “Cold Takes” show to cover news in the last few months with some added perspective that time gives everyone.

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Keeping track of the year’s progress with Siri Shortcuts

Time often seems to move both very slow and extremely fast, all at once. Especially if you’re hyper-connected, each moment can feel important and yet the first two months of the year can fly by and it seems like it’s just getting started.

For those who’ve been too connected, a tiny Twitter account has been there to remind you of the @Year_Progress by tweeting out small graphics showing the current percentage of time past this year.

As of writing, February 19 is 14% of the way through 2019. But I didn’t use that Twitter account – I built myself a shortcut.

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There Are Many Like It, But This Home Screen Is Mine 🎙

New episode of Supercomputer out:

Alex and Matthew cover their home screens, so open the episode to check out the shots.

In episode 21, we wanted to refocus our subject matter more for each episode.

We’ll be doing an occasional cycle of shows – a good topic, some guest appearances, a look back at the news of the last few months, and more philosophical episode that takes things to a higher level.

We’re always looking for diverse and interesting guests, so please send us recommendations at

Plus, we started a Patreon for anyone who feels like supporting the show. We’re gearing up the patronage rewards, but rest assured the show is free and it’s not required. That being said, we really appreciate everyone who’s signed up so far.
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How to jump between the audio and video of Supercomputer

For episode 19 of Supercomputer, instead of hitting the “call” button to record, we pressed “video chat” and proceed to produce our podcast. I edited out some moments, added chapter markers for the audio file, and uploaded the video to YouTube.

This last week, for episode 20, I also added visual chapters, actually used Alex’s correct audio file, and shared our second video recording to YouTube.

But podcasts are for audio, right?
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Behind The Cute Curtain 🎙

New episode of Supercomputer out:

Matthew and Alex talk about going from beginner shortcuts to the next level with the “If” scripting action, plus how this all could be a bit easier.

After last week’s livestream, I explained some of what “conditionals” are – if that sounds confusing, it’s worth listening.

Part of the episode is about breaking down barriers to concepts used in programming hidden behind fancy language, so we’ll explore more topics like this in the future.

Listen to the show:

Consumers and Their Fragile Minds 🎙

New episode of Supercomputer out:

Matthew and Alex are here for the New Apple.

In a classic coffee rant, I got to release all the feeling I built up in our time away from the show – I am more excited than ever for the future of Apple.

Plus, I make a call for app developers to come back.

Listen to the show:

Lightroom adds native Import action to Shortcuts app, first of its kind 🔗

Yours truly, writing for iMore:

For users who’ve updated to the latest version of Adobe Lightroom for iOS, there is a special surprise waiting – a new dedicated Lightroom action for the Shortcuts app, Apple’s newest automation tool for building custom Siri Shortcuts.

This enables users to batch import photos to Lightroom, apply the built-in Presets, and otherwise act on your photos in the process of custom shortcuts in the Shortcuts app, opening up mobile photography to deeper automation potential.

Lightroom is the first native action from a third-party app added to Shortcuts since the days of Workflow, so hopefully this is a sign of more actions to come.

Some things to note:

  1. RAW support is RAW-only, otherwise the RAW+JPG gets imported as a JPG
  2. The action passes content through as output, so you can put Delete Photos right after and they’ll be removed from Photos too
  3. Applying the Presets only takes advantage of the defaults, but hopefully this will change one day.

I’m super excited, because this was a big sticking point in The Verge’s review, and it’s hopefully the first of many Shortcuts actions.

Head over to my friend Shawn Blanc’s site for a good example shortcut – he selects photos and uses the Shortcuts action extension to add them, but what he doesn’t mention is this works great with drag & drop on iPad too.

See the full linked post.

The OG GTD 🎙

New episode of Supercomputer out:

This week, Matthew and Alex explore some of their holiday experiments, as well as how to value your time as much as you value your computer.

We’re back from the winter break with a new, 30-minute episode covering what we were up to over the holidays (spoiler: tidying).

Alex and I talked about getting back into the swing of things and teased some plans for the new year – enjoy!

Listen to the show:

Using Shortcuts to open into Twitter Lists

One of my long-favorite shortcuts that I use all the time is the one that I’ve built to open the Twitter app and into my lists that I’ve curated over the years.

When I run the shortcut, I can choose from the titles of my lists, and then Shortcuts builds the deep link into Twitter, then opens into that List for me.

A few months ago I was on Automators and talked through the step-by-step process of how the shortcut works.

Soon after though, I realize that I was having trouble once I opened the list – Twitter was displaying in the earth that “tweets could not be loaded.”

This was seemingly a bug on their end, but after some help from an Internet friend who works at Twitter we were able to diagnose that the deep links were in fact case sensitive. Opening a link with a capitalized name of my List would take me to the lists area but not display tweets, but once the title was all lowercase it would work.

Turns outTM, it was me making the error all along – adding one Change Case action set to Lowercase fixed it, and now my Open Twitter Lists shortcut works as designed again.

If you want to hear the whole breakdown I suggest you listen to the episode of Automators and also subscribe to their show – I’m a big fan.

I also recommend creating lists if you’re coming to the Twitter app from Tweetbot and want to capture some of the same experience for keeping up with a small group of people. Lists have always been my secret weapon for Twitter and, until recently, were buried deep with in the app.

Now, with my shortcut in the widget, it’s easy to jump right into a series of smaller, curated timelines and not as easily get distracted by the rest of Twitter.

Here’s to hoping this helps me get in and out, still get some enjoyment out of Twitter, while also finally reducing the stats in Screen Time.

Add the shortcut here, and go into the Notification Center and to the left to add the Shortcuts widget in your Today View – that way you can run the shortcut without ever opening the Shortcuts app.