Opens App actions


Dismiss Siri and Continue

Switches into the Shortcuts app and continues to the next action.


Scan QR/Bar Code

Scans a QR code or bar code using the camera, and returns the text/URL that is found.


Open Links

Opens URLs passed into the action in Safari (or the corresponding app if it’s a deep link).


Show Web Page

Shows the web URL passed into he action in a Safari View Controller, allowing you to view the web page without switching apps. Includes a toggle to enter Safari Reader mode if it’s available for the given web page.


Mask Image

Applies a mask to each image passed into the action. For example, you can cut images into a rounded rectangle, ellipse or icon shape, or provide a custom alpha mask.


Open In...

Opens the input as file in the selected app. Can either use the Open In menu or have a supported app selected to open into automatically – toggle β€œShow Open In Menu” off and select Choose to see the list of available apps on your device.


Stop running shortcut

Stops execution of the current shortcut and dismisses the shortcut on screen. No more actions will be run after this action.


Take Video

Uses the camera to take a video clip, with the option to use the front or back camera, or change the quality between low, medium, and high.