Clipboard manager

Takes the current contents of your clipboard, stores it, and presents it alongside values from Data Jar previously stored with this shortcut to copy later.

If more than the preset Number of items are stored, the shortcut will only present number of recent items.

Includes option for (Clear all) which resets all the data manager [warning: this option is permanently destructive, so this includes a confirmation].

Use this to copy any type of data (i.e. text, lists, photos, or even files), store it inside Data Jar temporarily, and then retrieve it again later.

Accounts for a large list of “clipboard” contents to be added over time; only pulls in a preset amount so the list isn’t huge, but you can change it in the Number action.

This can also be used in combination with other shortcuts using “Run Shortcut” – anything that uses Set Clipboard to copy something new could then run this shortcut to make sure it’s saved in Data Jar.

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