Import JPGs to Lightroom

Uses the Get Last Import to grab any photos added in the most recent session of images added from my SD card and imports them into Lightroom (does not work with RAW images).

I built this shortcut when Apple released the Get Last Important and custom Lightroom actions – it’s a nice way to quickly import your photos, although Lightroom has since gotten native SD card import on iPad Pro.

The Import Photos to Lightroom action also has an interest Apply Preset capability, but it doesn’t work with custom presets – should it gain that functionality, I’d use this more often to quickly capture a version of a photoshoot with one of my favorite presets.

I want this particularly so I don’t sit on a new batch of photos and avoid editing them; in theory, it could be a one-tap “Import and it’s ready for social” shortcut because my camera’s JPGs are often “good enough” for me as a casual photographer.

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