Open Byword doc

Presents Bywor’ds documents from iCloud Drive and opens your choice in the app.



Use this shortcut to work on your Markdown files stored in Byword by quickly pulling the files and opening one of your choosing.

This shortcut downloads the contents of your Byword folder (if they’re not already downloaded).

Similar Shortcuts

Pulls files from Linea’s iCloud Drive folder, lets you pick from your groups, then opens the corresponding sketch.
Pulls the files in Slugline’s iCloud Drive folder and opens the chosen file in the screenwriting app.
Grabs the GarageBand for iOS folder and asks you to pick a file to open.
Presents the contents of the Keynote folder and opens the chosen presentation in the app.
Pulls your Numbers spreadsheets from Files and opens the chosen you choose in the app.
Grabs files from Pages in iCloud Drive and opens one of your choosing.

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